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Carlton Landing Part 2: How (and why) to build a town

by Malena Lott As we’re nearing the anniversary of the Oklahoma Land Run in April, we’re reminded how cool it is to stake your claim and create a space of your very own. Pioneers. Sooners. While most of us don’t get to stake a claim on a whole town, that’s just what the Humphreys’ family

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Pizza 23 Adds to Uptown 23rd’s Growing Charm

by Malena Lott For the longest time, the only reason I went to 23rd street was to visit Cuppies and Joe, a little cupcakery that looks like you’ve stepped into your great-grandma’s early 21st century farm house: old sofas and afghans and a collection of vintage tables and chairs with an old-fashioned at home feel.

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Ansel Adams, Green Thumbs and St. Patrick’s Day Parade

by Jill Martin Downtown OKC is the place to be Spring Break weekend. Whether you are a gardener, an art aficionado or a lover of all things Irish, you will find the perfect activity to enjoy in the beautiful downtown area of Oklahoma City. Learn how to make the most of your outdoor Sooner Space

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Celebrating MAPS with Local Artists at IAO

by Malena Lott What did it take to become a “big league” city and turn around a desolate downtown no one wanted to visit? According to the MAPS site, “The $350 million sales tax-funded initiative was created to revitalize Downtown (including an area of empty warehouses), improve Oklahoma City’s national image and provide new and

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Work Day Diary with Urban Kitchen’s Jo Meacham

Jo Meacham, the owner and designer at Urban Kitchens, let us virtually tag along with her for a new Work Day Diary. Let’s see what the day has in store. Green smoothies for 30 days!  Kitchen designing is a lot of work! Off to a job site. Meet my family, Tipper, Scout, and Scooter.   Getting

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GO Get Organized: Car Clutter to Clarity

by Malena Lott Today in our Get Organized series, we’re focusing on that space between your living and work space – the one that gets you and your family where they need to go: your automobile. Whether it’s a mini-van with a kajillion cupholders or a little Prius, our vehicles can become a traveling clutter

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