Selling your house? Think staging.

What is staging and how important is it in staging your home for sale?

If you asked five people about their experience in selling his/her home, you would likely get five very different stories. So much about selling a home depends on timing, location, price, competition and how motivate you are to sell. Staging essentially makes your house look appealing to buyers by showing them what the space looks like with well-appointed furnishings and decor. This can be done with your own furniture or even rented furniture.

At Sooner Spaces, we help you sell using your own furniture and should be done BEFORE your realtor takes pictures of your home to put it on the market. We keep the photography in mind when staging to make sure the photos will really pop and consider all angles. Then the second thing staging should do is help with flow when a buyer walks through the house. Can they easily get around?

The number one thing we see is too much clutter. Too much “stuff” makes even a beautiful house look messy and less appealing. We know this isn’t surprising but it’s incredible how easy it is to clear out the clutter and just leave the essentials so that your house is de-personalized yet stylish.

A few tips to get started:

1. Remove any personal photos and theme-specific decor and art. Yes, you will miss seeing your family pictures up but you want the buyers to envision themselves in your house, not you.

2. Remove obstacles. You weren’t sure what to do with that extra chair, table or armoire so you tried to squeeze it in and it makes the room look smaller and out of balance. We work to restore flow and balance to the room. You want the space to feel “just right” not crowded.

3. See it with fresh eyes. Starting at the front door, walk through the house as if you were seeing it for the first time. See where your eye is drawn first. You want them to think “wow” in a good way.

Need some help? Schedule a staging consultation with us. In addition to what we recommend gets removed or moved, we’ll also recommend things that may need to be added to enhance the space, which you could then take to your next home with you or even leave in the contract for the new buyer.