Putting Fun in a Functional Work Space

by Malena Lott.

Go from blah to beautiful with some creativity and color in your work space. See how Sooner Spaces put the fun in a functional file room home to four legal assistants, a sad copier and bare walls. Check out the transformation of Sweet Law Firm’s work room in their space in Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City. Hear how we used Oklahoma-inspired silhouettes and stripes and vintage and custom pieces to make the room pop with personality in the video below – and how you could, too.

You might remember we did a tour of Sweet Law back in February. The gorgeous warehouse-turned-law firm and art gallery is a true decorating inspiration. (See story for decorating and architecture credits.)

Space Strategy:

Make the entry/work area more inviting

Add some color and personality to the space

Create a comfortable ambiance versus “file room” feel

Creative Decorating Solutions:

Color-blocked silhouettes of famous Oklahomans (16×20)

Gray stripes on the brick wall

Thick gray stripe all around the room

Vintage wood storage hung as a mail box

Black glass marker board

Custom industrial lights for task lighting

Custom reclaimed lumber and steel work island (Urban Farmhouse Designs)


Sad copy station…



Mail, marker board, lights, work table - action!
Mail, marker board, lights, work table – action!


Almost looks like a detention room?
Almost looks like a detention room?


Line me up...
Line me up…
And all around...
And all around…
Pops of Oklahoma personalities!
Pops of Oklahoma personalities!


Hey, Kevin Durant, Walter Cronkite, Geronimo and Woody Guthrie
Go bold with art
Maria Tallchief, Will Rogers, Jim Thorpe, Belle Starr


Special thanks to Sweet Law for letting us play in their space (and make a lot of noise) and to our vendors Papa’s Handyman Service, painter Chris Cory and his team, Urban Farmhouse Designs, Barn Lighthouse Co., and Office Depot for the marker board.

How could you jazz up your space? If you’d like a makeover, give us a shout for a walk through.