Traditional to Transitional Transformation

by Malena Lott

Ooh, we’re thrilled to share with you a new decorating project we finished for the Clemmens family in Yukon. After seeing what we’d done for her neighbor Vi Le in our makeover for the Le/Winkeler home, Kristi reached out to see if we could give them a fresh look for their new home in the neighborhood. You *know* we like to de-brown spaces. 🙂

See the video here on how we pulled the look together and get some fun facts about the project below!

Living Room BEFORE

IMG_5857 IMG_5856 IMG_5855 IMG_5858

Living Room AFTER

We wanted this space to be both elegant and yet comfortable so we mixed and matched a lot of elements like iron, wood and upholstery with bursts of color in the red and blue. The rug grounds the room and when the top glass gets put on the table (it was missing the protectors) – then the blue bowl will tie in all the turquoise, too. Think DIFFERENT on your coffee table. While this is just gold and glass, the shape is what makes it stand out and adds a more glamorous feel to the space. Remember to add lots of style to the space with pillows! Here’s another pillow transformation we did recently for Sweet Law. In the kitchen we replaced three tall traditional stools with these low industrial modern ones from Target. Four is the perfect fit there and they don’t detract from the gorgeous kitchen, but enhance the space.

Facing cream sofas and a corner reading nook. Spraypainted the existing frames GOLD. Mmmm.
Facing cream sofas and a corner reading nook. Spraypainted the existing frames GOLD. Mmmm.
Sofa table “map” tripod from Emory Anne’s in Edmond, OK. Accessories from TJ Maxx and Garden Ridge.
The space was large enough for a reading nook with an amazing blue chair we found at TJ Maxx.
Loved the sofa so much we bought TWO! Leopard print brown chairs and gold/glass coffee table also from Mathis Bros. Big thanks to Grady Evans for helping us!
We replaced the traditional bar stools with industrial mod ones from Target! We use our own pillows NOT the ones that come with the sofas.
More turquoise and red decor on the industrial inspired bookcase. (from MB also) Malena adds an owl to every design as her signature.
Vintage blue table from The Feathered Nest in OKC. $69. Black daschund from TJ Maxx and looks like clients’ Maddie.

Dining Room BEFORE

Little plain, huh?
Little plain, huh?

Dining Room AFTER

Standouts here: The farm table is handmade by a cute couple in Norman, OK. Jill found them on Craigslist. Oatmeal dining room chairs also from Craigslist so we got them for almost half what the owner paid at Kirkland’s. Excellent condition. End chairs from TJ Maxx. We love the red/cream/blue and used TWO blues – the darker midnight blue as well as the turquoise and they blend well together throughout the open space.

Handmade farm table, gold mirror, metal “C”, and mix and matched chairs. We wanted to keep the space neutral with a pop of the blue.
When your light hangs low, you don’t want to compete with it, so we went for a glazed bowl that they can switch out the balls by season. Will be fun with pumpkins and then ornaments for the holidays.
View into living space.

We’re so pleased the clients love the space they’re in now! Special thanks to my cohort Jill Martin for making each project so fun to work on. Check out our decorating page if you’d like our help on your next home design project!