Pillow Talk: Spice Up Your Space

by Malena Lott

In February, we covered the open house of Sweet Law in Automobile Alley. This month, Kyle Sweet asked me to take a look at his couch for some ideas on pillows that would match the aesthetic of the space.

After purchasing more than a dozen pillows to try on the contemporary cream couch, I felt like Pillow Claus with my big bags of options. After playing tic tac toe with the different choices, we settled on a mix of Kenneth Cole pillows from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Not only are they good quality, but they are the right luxe material and coordinate strikingly with the Desmond Mason art across from the room. By putting pillows all across the back, it’s comfortable to sit back anywhere on the couch.

The three sets include two with studs which bring in the industrial element of the space and the desk behind the couch. The “splatter paint” larger pillows on the end bring in the gray from the painting, as do the navy and light blue velvet pillows. The blues tie in nicely with the carpeting, as well.

When using pillows to accent your space, you can:

Tie elements together

Bring in a new color into the palette not seen elsewhere in the room

Create a clean, monotone aesthetic with neutral choices

Add a style element such as edgy, feminine, powerful…all with a pillow!


Don’t be too matchy, matchy. Mix and match styles, patterns and materials for the best visual interest.

Don’t go too “safe”. Typically, safe equals boring. Pillows are a low-cost way to experiment with style and you can always switch them out as you want a new look. I switch mine out at least three times a year.

Shop clearance and 50-off sales that let you buy nicer quality for about the same cost as you would’ve paid for a discount store pillow.

Happy pillow hunting!

To see the video tour of Sweet Law, go here.