Entertain Me! Stylish Family Room Makeover in Yukon

by Malena Lott

You may remember in January our dining to sitting room and office makeovers in Yukon at the home of Brian Winkeler and Vi Le, a creative and attorney with two boys who wanted to be able to better use both spaces. They liked it so much they asked us to come back and make over the back half of the house – the family room, kitchen eating nook and master bedroom. Today we’ll share the family room, so Part 1 of 3! See the list of where we got the items at the bottom of the post. As we did with the other rooms, we shopped EVERYWHERE. Our aim is to get the biggest bang for our buck, so we shop floor samples, big box, mom and pop stores and Craigslist. Mix things up and play!


Traditional, a bit oversized and dark…this room resembles a lot of homes in Oklahoma (only at least they had red couches instead of brown.) 

Family room BEFORE
Family room BEFORE


Light, bright, contemporary and elegant. Of note: the collection of gold mirrors, the mid-century console and art behind the couch for a cool bar for entertaining, sleek cream leather couches, modern coffee table and gray shag rug. The polka dot gold box on the table is for remotes – thanks, Nate Berkus! Our color palette consisted of two neutrals (cream and gray) and then blue and green and metallic gold as accents.

AFTER Clean lines with cream leather couches, a modern coffee table, gray shag rug.
AFTER Clean lines with cream leather couches, a modern coffee table, gray shag rug.
Mid century modern credenza becomes a cool bar with extra storage.
Mid century modern credenza becomes a cool bar with extra storage.

When Jill found this MCM credenza on Craigslist in such good condition (only some surface scratches and ding on one corner), I was immediately in love. The drawers and cabinets are perfect for keeping your bar napkins and wine glasses (and even liquor if you hide it from the kids) and you can keep a bottle open on the table during parties. Yeah, I know the kitchen is literally five steps away, but I think it’s a cool addition to the space and gives it some hipster points! To put this look together, we paired a Target gold lamp with a wood and mirror tray from Norwalk and a gold retro looking vase from Mathis Bros. The piano man print and frame came from Hobby Lobby and we love that he’s passionately playing (and brings great color to the space.)

Gray recliners and navy curtains
Gray recliners and navy curtains

Next, we selected two gray recliners from Mathis Bros. to round out the conversation circle and provide a nicely lit area to read during the day, too. The pillows bring in the cream of the couch and the blue from the curtains behind them. In this pic you get a good look at the gorgeous wood floors from Don’s Floor Gallery and that oh-so-soft Martha Stewart gray shag rug we snagged from…Sam’s! I know! That table was originally silver and we wanted to bring more gold in so we spray painted it with the same Kryol gold we did the coffee table in the sitting room. So much prettier in gold! Remember to pick pieces in each “view” that have interesting lines and mix and match patterns so it doesn’t look blah. You want to have visual interest from each angle.


Sketch out the room and measure so you’ll know what you have room for

Create a punch list of what to shop for and decide which pieces you want NEW and which could be VINTAGE (and some of your own you may want to keep)

Create a budget. Then add 50%. Everything is more expensive than you think it is – even when it’s cheap or on sale, it really adds up fast.

Give yourself several shopping trips so you don’t feel pressured to buy it all at once or in one day. That’s not only almost impossible but would be really hard to find the best pieces that way. The SEARCH is the most important part decorating. And if you decide something doesn’t work, you can return it (unless it’s a Craigslist or antique store find) so save your receipts.

Remember to play with patterns and colors. Unless you’re going for a one or two color theme such as all white, make your color palette at least four colors so you have room to add interesting pieces and even then you can add a splash of another color to make it bolder.

Plan a whole day to put the room together once it’s all delivered. It’s great fun to have it all in the house saving it until  Transformation Day!

WHERE WE GOT THE STUFF (and you can, too)

GOLD MIRRORS – two were vintage from the Chicken Farm Vintage Market in Jones, OK and the set of 3 were on clearance at Kirkland’s

MID-CENTURY CREDENZA SET UP – Table – Craigslist, art – Hobby Lobby, tray – Norwalk, gold lamp – Target, gold vase – Mathis Bros.


GOLD BOX – Nate Berkus for Target


SHAG RUG – Sam’s


SIDE TABLE – Target (was silver, but we painted it gold)

(Not pictured, TV console since the TV isn’t on it yet, but also from Mathis Bros. and has the same gray tones as the coffee table)

PILLOWS – Target, Lowe’s (we love that bird!) we also shopped for pillows at Ross and TJ Maxx and returned some so not sure what exactly remained but we love mixing them up!

When the mantle is complete, we’ll add to this post!

Thanks for reading. If you loved it, we hope you’ll share it! Tell us your favorite piece in comments.

Shout out to Zac at Mathis Bros. for loving Sooner Spaces and sending his clients to our site! He’s always such a great help even if we don’t end up buying everything from him. He knows what’s what.

Here’s to loving the space you’re in!