Road Trip to Carlton Landing: Part 1

by Malena Lott

I grew up going to the lake with my grandparents and RVing, fishing, quiet morning with birds chirping, the slap of lake water against the shore, hunting for horned toads and catching fireflies and the symphony of cicadas soothes my soul. When I heard a new town had been incorporated by Lake Eufala, one of the several lakes I have yet to visit in the Sooner State, I knew we had to road trip to check it out.

Even though I knew it would be beautiful, it far surpassed our expectations. Yes, you can see the pictures on their website, but even the beautiful photos don’t do it justice. What Sooner Spaces brings to the conversation is not only the behind-the-scenes videos but trying to capture what it’s really like to be there and our perspective on why it matters.

Not only do we aim to make Sooner Spaces a cheer site for better Oklahoma living, but absolutely want to encourage adventure and travel within our state and spending quality time with our family at these spaces. In this Part 1 video, it give you the context of our road trip with two teen girls (14 and 15), where we ate our first night and my sunrise intro to kick off our Saturday getting to know Carlton Landing and its cheerful, peaceful inhabitants – led by the laid-back leader Grant Humphreys.

Here's where it is, yo!
Here’s where it is, yo!
Ah...bliss. Sunrise @CarltonLanding on March 29, 2014
Ah…bliss. Sunrise @CarltonLanding on March 29, 2014
Good morning, you beautiful ball of fire, you.
Good morning, you beautiful ball of fire, you.
Next week we'll have a special feature on the architecture @CarltonLanding
Next week we’ll have a special feature on the architecture @CarltonLanding
Next week we'll also get a tour of Grant and Jen Humphreys' gorgeous home. *love*
Next week we’ll also get a tour of Grant and Jen Humphreys’ gorgeous home. *love*

We got SO much great stuff that we’re making April 7th Carlton Landing Week on Sooner Spaces with a new post every day on different channels. Here’s the line-up:

Monday, April 7th: interview with Grant Humphreys about the back story and vision for Carlton Landing

Tuesday, April 8th: walking interview with Grand Humphreys on the architecture of the development

Wednesday, April 9th: video house tour with Jen Humphreys at the home she shares with hubby Grant and their five children

Thursday, April 10th: video with two new residents and a walk through on the home that will be finished in May and why they chose Carlton Landing

Friday, April 11th: Jill and Malena give you our wrap up thoughts on community and give you our top 5 favorite things about Carlton Landing!

So come back and would you kindly share the love below?