Carlton Landing Part 2: How (and why) to build a town

by Malena Lott

As we’re nearing the anniversary of the Oklahoma Land Run in April, we’re reminded how cool it is to stake your claim and create a space of your very own. Pioneers. Sooners. While most of us don’t get to stake a claim on a whole town, that’s just what the Humphreys’ family did. Watch the video below to hear about the genesis of Carlton Landing and why and how they decided to incorporate and their philosophy for the values of the community they are building out. You’ll see it grow and change over the next 20 years (but it’s really cool as it is now, too.)

Our team visited Carlton Landing, which was incorporated in 2013, in March to see what the newest town in Oklahoma was all about. Um, we kinda fell in love with it. As you’ll see in our exclusive interview with Grant Humphreys, they based the concept on a Florida resort community called Seaside, only they wanted it to have a unique Oklahoma stamp, hence the farmhouse and early American looks you’ll see on this new lakeside frontier.

Yes, they have weekenders but also those who live there full-time (as the Humphreys do), with access to a community garden to bring fresh fruit and veggies and eggs to your table, a boat club so you don’t have to have a boat of your own, and even its own school and community pool. Pretty freakin’ cool.

Come back tomorrow for the Architecture walking tour with Grant. We’re celebrating Carlton Landing all week!

Tuesday: Architecture Walking Tour

Wednesday: House Tour of Grant and Jen Humphreys’ home

Thursday: New House Walk Through with New Owners and Wrap Up

If you missed Part 1, see our road trip and arrival on our girls’ weekend.

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