AIA Architecture Tour Part 2: Kliewer Home

by Malena Lott

Restoration of an icon? I’ll say. Since the former award-winning George Seminoff home built in 1970 sits off the beaten path in North Oklahoma City, you wouldn’t know the mid-century dream home exists at all. Thank goodness for AIA tours and new home owners willing to refurbish gems like this one. The glass and brick two-story home was the private dwelling of architect Seminoff until a family connection enabled Brent Kliewer to view the home several times before deciding to purchase and renovate it.

And renovate he did, over three years, with the help of Fitzimmons Architects and designer Larry Pickering. Some of the new additions includes finished like new bamboo flooring, new teak fill in and stone countertops.

Here are a few of our favorite things from the home. Stellar all the way around, from the art to the small touches to, of course, that amazing natural view and light, light, light.

What’s not to love?

Image 19
First floor living area. Mmmm, brick.
Image 21
Hey, I recognize you! Go THUNDER!
Image 22
Modern kitchen and just the right artistic touches.
Image 23
Tribal art brings a funky vibe to the house. Love.
Image 24
What better way to bring nature in than a tree in the house?
Image 20
Neutral palette in the kitchen and clean lines.
Image 25
Grow, tree, grow.
Image 27
Modern bowl sink.
Image 26
Let’s sit and read by the fireplace.
Image 28
Extra sitting room. Green accent wall! Yes.
Image 30
More tribal art on the bookcase. Kliewer is getting ready to move in so these will be filled soon.
Image 31
Modern chairs feel “barely there” and don’t distract from the view.
Image 32
Floor to ceiling mirror upstairs makes the second floor feel even bigger.
Image 33
Master bedroom, upstairs. More lively green.
Image 34
Hello, lovely red countertop. We adore thee.
Image 35
Even the floors are yummy.
Image 36
View from the master bedroom.
Image 37
Across the room from the mirror upstairs. Check out that pendant!
Image 38
A happy ball and chain? Perfectly fitting above that glorious pool.
Image 29
Another great feature – the red orange fireplace. Very MCM chic.

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