Put a Bigfoot On It: Meet ThriftFoot

by Malena Lott

If you’ve been to a thrift store lately, you see the paintings of sailboats, meadows and forests leaning against the top shelf priced under twenty bucks, but even then, you wonder, “Who would buy these?”

Mitchell Richards would. And does. Only he doesn’t take the vintage paintings and stick them on the wall as is. He uses them as his canvas, giving them new life as ThriftFoot art. He doesn’t “put a bird on it.” He puts a bigfoot. A shark here, an octupus there. Hulk Hogan may even appear. Of course what makes them work is how he places them in the art, working with and not against the original painting.

When friend Kyle Sweet mentioned ThriftFoot on Facebook one day last December, I immediately showed my eight-year-old ThriftFoots’ site to see if he’d like one for Christmas. He did.

This is now hanging in his room. Those poor sailors suddenly have more than waves to deal with.


When I toured Kyle’s new offices at Sweet Law in Automobile Alley for a story for Sooner Spaces, which you can see here, I found this large ThriftFoot painting in attorney Curt Dewberry’s office. It’s good to see lawyers have a sense of humor, too.


If you’d like a ThriftFoot of your own, visit his website and gallery for art for sale or request a custom. It may just be the thing your Sooner Space is calling for.

Follow Mitchell on social media on Twitter @thriftfoot and Instagram @mitchellwords.