Sooner Spaces Tours Bruce Goff’s Riverside Studio

Photo credit: W.R. Oswald
Photo credit: W.R. Oswald

I’d give my eye teeth to go back in time to 1928 and see Patti Adam Shriner’s Riverside Studio designed by Bruce Goff. Since I can’t find a time machine – and it’s almost as hard to dig up old photos – we must rely on telling stories the old fashioned way. Listening. I’m thankful we had such a great storyteller to relay the tale Bruce Goff’s International style residence/recital hall located at 1381 Riverside Drive for music teacher Patti Adams Shriner.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch the 20-minute interview and tour to hear Larry Stockard share the stories passed down to him. While Jill and I didn’t get to view the upstairs, we did get the feel of the space – and what an achievement it must’ve been in the roaring ’20s for an acclaimed pianist to have her house echo her occupation. (See the musical keys on the exterior?) I can imagine that recital hall was gorgeous bathed in light, with artist Olinka Hrdy’s inventive ode to music through time coloring the space.

While the space is in great need of renovation/restoration, it’s nice that it’s a functioning space where laughter, music and art still call home thanks to the weekly The Drunkard and The Olio performances. Thousands of Tulsans have been in the space either on stage or in the audience.

Watching the sunset over the river from the round river must’ve been something else.

Riverside Studio (Tulsa Spotlight Theater) Space Stats:

Built in 1928, when Bruce Goff was just a young architect. Shriner lost it in the 1930s due to the Great Depression.

Listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2001

Architectural Style: International

Goff hired Oklahoma painter and artist Olinka Hrdy, who went on to work for Frank Lloyd Wright and created art in NYC and California

Restoration Goal: $4 Million. The money will go toward renovating the exterior, electrical and plumbing systems and Hrdy’s murals.

You can see the space yourself by attending a weekend show. Find out more about the performances and how to donate at


Photo credit: Spotlight Theater
Photo credit: Spotlight Theater
Artist Olinka Hardy
Music teacher Patti Shriner hired Bruce Goff to build her studio/residence.