Perfectly Mod Day in Tulsa

by Malena Lott

Love mid-century modern? Ready for a delicious day of shopping and dining in T-town? Take a road trip to Tulsa with the following itinerary:

1. Brunch at Queenies in Utica Square to fuel up for an afternoon of shopping in said square…


Grilled cheese made even better with bacon at Queenies.
Grilled cheese made even better with bacon at Queenies.


1834 Utica Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114 | (918) 749-3481

Space Stats: History of Utica Square (from

Utica Square opened on May 22, 1952 as Tulsa’s first suburban shopping center.

Helmerich & Payne, Inc. purchased Utica Square in 1964. Almost immediately, Mr. Walter H. Helmerich, III commissioned the planting of over 300 trees. It was a decision that would literally shape the personality of this beloved destination.

Store buildings were constructed in a variety of architecture styles; Williamsburg, Georgian, Country French and contemporary. Over 5,000 individual craftsmen lent their talents to the completion of the Square.

Shops that caught our fancy in Utica Square with items for your Sooner Spaces:

Stonehorse Market | Stems | The Snow Goose (Photo credit: Utica Square)



MerchantPages_mainimage_snowgoose MerchantPages_mainimage_stems

Next, we hit up some retro stores looking for mid-century modern finds when both Jill and I found vintage coats we couldn’t pass up at Mod 50s Modern located at  2921 E. 15th St. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104.

While I was busy taking the selfie of my pink swing coat, Jill was shopping for Vi and Brian’s Yukon makeover project.

Pink mod? Sold!
Pink mod? Sold!

Though we didn’t find a piece for their home, we did spy this fab Frank Lloyd Wright chair that looked suspiciously like ones I’d seen on my Price Tower tour with my husband. It was! The owner Maurice had bought it at an auction of Price Tower items and it’s Not For Sale. (Not that I could’ve afforded it anyway.) But it was a pleasure being so close to it.

Rare Frank Lloyd Wright chair NFS.
Rare Frank Lloyd Wright chair NFS.


Just down the street at 2735 east 15th street, you’ll want to visit Retro Den with a warehouse of cool MCM furnishings and accessories.


What other mod hot spots do you recommend in Tulsa? Leave them for us in comments!