Love Mid-Century? Meet Okie Mod Squad

by Malena Lott

I’m not quite sure when the lure of mid-century modern hit me, though it was way before the popularity of Mad Men, the 1960s Madison Avenue advertising drama

Stage Center is one of the endangered buildings currently in the hot seat of preservation. Photo Credit: Okie Mod Squad
Stage Center is one of the endangered buildings currently in the hot seat of preservation. Photo Credit: Okie Mod Squad

series. Unfortunately the style didn’t fit in my home until I switched from a traditional two-story to a contemporary rock two-story  and since then I’ve been slowly acquiring as many MCM pieces as I can fit into my space. Once you’ve been bitten, it’s hard to stop. Fortunately, I found some kindred spirits in a Facebook group called Okie Mod Squad started in 2009. Now it’s “all growed up” with a great web site full of cool MCM resources including MCM firms and the hottest MCM spaces in Oklahoma. We’ll feature MCM retailers and spaces often here but want you to know about Okie Mod Squad for round-the-clock MCM goodness. Their mission: Oklahoma City is a treasure trove of widely unrecognized mid-century modern architecture. It is our mission to recognize these structures and their importance to our cultural heritage and spread the word on the value of their preservation.

Mid-century modern architecture and furnishings are from the post World War II period (roughly 1945-65) and includes sleek lines, low-pitched or flat roofs, emphasis on creative and elegant design, sharp lines or gorgeous curves, and often floor-to-ceiling glass for letting in natural light and bringing the outside in.

Okie Mod Squad plays an important role in preservation, too. Nothing can happen without awareness and someone caring about it. Whether it’s signing a petition or simply talking to someone who is considering tearing down a residential MCM or doing a dastardly renovation thinking they are improving it but  not keeping with the architectural style, we each can play a role in keeping MCM intact in Oklahoma. We love their pages on existing, endangered and RIP MCM structures, too.

Their list of MCM resources should also give you a good primer into what’s what in MCM.

Want to be a Squadder? Check out their Facebook open group here.  If you have photos of MCM spaces in your town, please send them our way so we can feature them. soonerspaces (at) gmail (dot) com. If you’re thinking of remodeling an MCM home, we hope you’ll check in with one of our pro voices, Urban Kitchens. They specialize in kitchen and bathroom design in keeping with the architectural design of the home.

Though I personally prefer shopping for original vintage MCM pieces, the style is oh-so-hot again so you can find ample new MCM-inspired furnishing, like these:

Baxton Studio Pascal Plastic Mid-Century Modern Shell Chair, Set of 2: see them here


George Nelson Piccolo Million Dollar Clock: get it here


Elite Four Walnut Mid Century Modern Credenza: see it here



Do you have a special MCM piece? Tell us about it in comments.