Okie Charm Bracelet Giveaway

Hey, we feel the Sooner state love and we’d like to thank you for getting social with us with a fun giveaway. We picked up this Okie charm bracelet at the beautiful Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum and would like to pass it along to one of our followers.

Here’s how it works and when we’ll give it away. Once we reach the following milestones, the bracelet will go to one lucky Spacer.

Okie Charm Bracelet Giveaway | Sooner Spaces
Okie Charm Bracelet Giveaway | Sooner Spaces

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1. LIKE us on Facebook for an entry. When we get to 1,000 likes, we’ll checkmark it.

(Enter by emailing us at sooner spaces (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject heading OKIE CHARMED. (That way we’ll have a valid email address to notify you if you are the winner.)

Want more entries? You can get an EXTRA entry by doing any or all of the following so let us know in the body of the email if you are also following us on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and GIVE US YOUR HANDLE (your name on the channel) so we can confirm it. That’s one extra entry PER channel you follow us on.

2. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel. When we get to 50 subscribers, we’ll checkmark it.

3. FOLLOW us on Twitter and Instagram. When we get to 300 Twitter followers and 200 Instagram followers, we’ll checkmark it.

When all those social media milestones have been met, we’ll go through the emails and count up all the entries and then use to pick us a winner. (You do need to reside in the USA to enter. We know Okies are spread out across the country so thanks for reading and following us!) Help us along by telling your friends, too.


email to: soonerspaces (at) gmail (dot) com

from: you



Liked on FB by Name

@yournamehere on Twitter

@yournamehere Instagram

Subscribed YouTube MyNameIs

Total entries: 4

(Note: if you only want to enter on Facebook, that’s fine, but we do need an email from you to know you want to be entered and how to reach you.)

The faster we reach these social media milestones, the sooner we’ll give away the charm bracelet. To recap our giveaway goals: 1,000 likes on Facebook, 50 subscribers on YouTube, 300 follows on Twitter and 200 follows on Instagram.

Good luck and a special shout out to our partner sponsors Urban Kitchens and Cornerstone Development. We can share these stories because of you! Space community, get in our directory as a Pro Voice!