Car Dealership to Cool Dining: Packard’s New American Kitchen

by Malena Lott

Not only do we love historic preservation and repurposing, but it’s even better when we get to eat there. Urban revitalization in Midtown in downtown OKC has been a long love song with new verses added each year. Today we’re spotlighting Packard’s New American Kitchen located on N.W. 10th. The Packard’s dealership of the 1920s has been salvaged and slowly refurbished by new tenants. Learn more about the industrial modern building at Midtown Renaissance.

Now, let’s get on with lunch and style shots, shall we? Connect with Packards on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Sooner Spaces PicTOURial…

Packard Building, exterior
Packard Building, exterior



Leah Stewart’s burger and onion rings. Thanks for sharing your rings, friend.

My BLTE (E for egg.)
My BLTE (E for egg.)
You had me at stainless…


Stylishly anchored by the bar.
Stylishly anchored by the bar.IMG_0433 IMG_0432Love this space? Share below!